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HR-4 Series

Planetary Type Hydraulic Four Rolls

HR-4 Planetary Type 4 Rolls HR-4 Planetary Type 4 Rolls
Our HR-4 series 4 roll bending machines have robust frames built with high quality steel construction and are fully hydraulic. Top and bottom roll are powered by hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox. This is an ideal plate roll bending machine for shops that need an easy machine to operate using a 4 roll design, and working with material ranging from 2mm to 44mm. These machines come standard with conical bending for making cone shaped parts and hydraulic bottom and side roll adjustments. The HR-4 machine is available from 1,2m-4m lengths making it very flexible for a wide range of applications, so you get the right machine for your needs… Not a one size fits all approach.

HR-4 Bending Steps

Standard Equipment

• Planetary type side roll movement.

• PLC Electronic balancing system

• Cone bending • Induction hardened rolls (HRc 56±4)

• Polished rolls • Single speed control of all axis

• Dual speed control of all axis (Standard on NC machines)

• Variable speed control of all axis (Standard on CNC machines)

• Machine body constructed of stress-relieved

• Highly durable carbon steel rolls machined by CNC Lathes with optimal crown (special crown upon request)

• Rolls seated in spherical bearings and bronze bushings

• Hydraulic bracket (drop end) with easy pull out system

• Top and bottom rolls driven with hydraulic motor and planetary gear box

• Automatic rolls peripheral speed compensation

(optimum distribution of torque)

• Adjustable hydraulic pressure on bottom roll (crowning compensation)

• Emergency stop wire around the machine

• Electrical and hydraulic protection against overloads

• World standard electrical and hydraulic components

• Mobile control panel

• Manual lubrication

• Welding possibility on the machine

Optional Features

• NC Control Unit (Simple CNC)

• CNC Control Unit with material database

• AISI 4140 High strength alloy steel rolls

• Four rolls drive

• Wired or wireless remote control

• Oil cooler

• Oil heater

• Side support system (both sides)

• Vertical hydraulic overhead support system

2, 4, 6, 8 or 15 TON (3m - 4m - 5m - 6m diameters)

• Preparation for side or vertical support system

• NC inclusion for vertical support control (Available on CNC control)

• NC inclusion for side support control (Available on CNC control)

• Plate alignment unit

• Automation system

• Changeable top roll for smaller diameter

• Special roll crowning

• Special plate support systems

• Automatic central lubrication

• Material feeding table (Idle or motorized)