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PLc control

PLC Control Electronic balance
Digital readout

The PLC Electronic balancing system ensures the synchronous operation of the bottom and side rollers of the HR-3, HR-4, HRR-4 series machines. This process is provided by PLC and touch operator panel which controls 6 axes. In addition, ease of use and time saving are provided by the ability to program up to 5 set points of the previously experienced bending values.

4 Roll Bending Steps


PLC Control Unit Panasonic

Dedicated scratch-proof, oil-proof, acid-resistant IP65 sealed touch panel


PLC Panasonic (Made in Japan)

Panasonic 32 I/O

Memory 5 Mbyte Display

Monochrome LCD 3” touch screen

Resolution 128 (W) x 64 (H) 3 colors led backlight (green,red, orange)

Communication port 1 RS232C Serial Port Temprature -20 / 60°C


Manual working mod,

Standard 6 axies (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,P,P1),

3 colors display for machine situation

Conic and parallelism control

5 set point programing,

Contrast adjusting ,

Turkish,English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Croation languages.

Alarm list.