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automatıon systems

Fully automated; Loading, Feeding, Squaring, Rolling, Unloading, Transferring, Welding

Automation Systems

The major challenge regarding the automation of roll bending is that the forming process is significantly influenced by stochastic effects. These mainly include batch-specific fluctuations of the material properties of the plates (strength, thickness, etc.), but also fluctuations of the properties of the machine tool (temperature of the hydraulic oil, etc.). In the case of conventional manual control of roll bending, the influence of these effects is recognized by the plant operator and compensated by an adequate adjustment of the machine.
We have been working on this issue since 1999 and we have developed our CNC software thanks to many data and analyzes we have obtained.
We succeeded in producing our automation system, which eliminates all these difficulties and can perform the bending process in less than 1 minute, and we exhibited it for the first time at the Euroblech fair held in Germany in 2022.

The results we achieved were incredible. Thanks to this system we developed, error-free cylindrical roll bending were no longer impossible with less cost and without human touch.

Automation System